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Impact Of Insomnia


What is Insomnia

Inability to
remain asleep

Difficulty in
falling asleep

Waking up
too early
Sleeplessness or
sleep disturbance

What is the root cause of insomnia?

Daily bad routine habits

• Excessive work
• Drinking too much
• Smoking
• Too much of tea or coffee
• Having too much screen time before bedtime
• Feeling of resentment

Sleeping environment and atmosphere

• Sound pollution
• Temperature
• Light pollution
• Electromagnetic waves
• Night shift
• Dust mites allergic


• Gastrointestinal problem
• Reduced estrogen or progesterone
• Other hormone changes
• Respiratory disorder
• Pulmonary disease
• Constipation
• Dyspepsia


• Emotional stress
• Anxiety
• Mental tension
• Anger
• Sad
• Feeling of resentment




to quit insomnia

Avoid big meals or being hungry before bedtime.
Avoid phone, computer and TV at least one hour before bedtime.
Avoid alcohol, benzodiazepine, smoking, caffeinated drinks after evening.
Set specific time to sleep and wake up every day.
Regular exercise (morning), no afternoon nap (for insomnia patients).
Keep bedroom just for sleeping, no other activities.
Ideal bedroom temperature 20°C – 24°C. Preferably room is black out and no light.
Read a good book to distract you from stress.
Lavender scent helps to sleep.
Write down all thoughts & plan before sleep.
Practice 4-7-8 breathing techniques
(4 seconds inhaling, 7 seconds holding breath, 8 seconds exhaling) before sleep.
Tightening & relaxing all muscles one by one before sleep.
For people who wake up too early and can’t go back to sleep, take some milk with honey or almond nuts before sleep.
Take some theanine to calm down the brain activities.
Take a hot bath at least 1 hour before going to bed.
Still awake after 30 min, leave bed and come back when ready.

Why Us

We design a personalized frequency therapy corresponding to your emotional and biological causes to your sleeping problem.

Below are the causes that we can help you to resolve.
Feeling of resentment
Hormonal imbalances
Gastrointestinal problems
Respiratory problems
Pulmonary diseases
Muscle tense
Back pain
Emotional Health
Feeling of resentment
Physical Health
Hormonal imbalances
Gastrointestinal problems
Respiratory problems
Pulmonary diseases
Muscle tense
Back pain
We will also provide you with private coaching and counselling on your dietary habits, daily routine habits and exercise.

“We are personalised,
because you are privileged”

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How it works

We have a technology called Aquera which can help detect your emotional and health factors that contribute to insomnia. We can use this technology to customize a series of sound frequencies to balance out your emotional and physical wellbeing – A personalized frequency therapy, to solve your Insomnia problem.

This personalized frequency therapy is designed and customized based on the result of detection from your voice frequencies and brain frequencies. The Aquera system analyses these frequencies and translates them into the problems that you might have. Based on your problems, a personalized sound therapy will be designed to overcome all detected problems.

You are recommended to listen to the frequencies during day time and night time. Your sleep will be improved within weeks accompanied with some counselling from us.

No medication prescription is involved.

3 steps to quit insomnia

step 1: Detect your body

Use Aquera Technology to detect your emotional and health factors that contribute to insomnia.

step 2: Enjoy your personalised frequency therapy

You listen to the frequencies. Your sleep will be improved within weeks.

Step 3: You quited insomnia

You may have a good sleep everyday.

Why choose zCode?


The theraphy will be customized base on your current situation. Therefore, you can getting the better result from the theraphy.

no pills

You no need to buy pills again and again. You no need worry about side effect by taking so much of pills.


If you are interested to know more about insomnia, we are honored to share with you.

Who are we

Aquera Asia was incorporated in 2019 in Malaysia. The origin of the technology is from Netherland. This technology was developed based on studies in Physics, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry, Epigenetics, Psychology and other research fields from different universities all around the world. Aquera is widely practiced in private clinics and some hospitals in Europe and South America.



There are no drugs prescribed over the counter. Only personalized frequencies are designed to fix the particular problems you have. In fact, the side effects are related to other improvement of your health and emotions.

The length of time that you can notice any improvement is very much dependent on individual’s state of mind and health. It may range from days to months

You are suggested to listen to the frequency therapy as often as you can.

The frequencies are designed with day time and night time frequencies. A person is expected to listen at least 2 times for day frequencies and 2 times for night frequencies.

Yes, you can. As long as you feel comfortable with it.

Yes, you can. The frequencies will not affect the fetus.

There are minimum requirement for the headphones or earphones. The frequencies response must have at least the range of 5 hz ~ 24,000 hz. The sensitivity must have a minimum of 100 db. Bluetooth device is not recommended.

No. It won’t have any effect on you.

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