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An amazing tools to know and understand yourself, your potential and your weakness. handle your stress, relax your mind through this simple way…

Amazing accuracy of the assessments and highly recommended. To understand yourself is the key to taking right actions to improve yourself for yourself, family and people around you.
It is awesome session where a session improves communication between couples. We see significant improvements after starting the frequency therapy.

An amazing frenquency therapy to get better understand of yourself, including your current mental health and physical body condition within few minutes!

It suprised me when i found it can reading my current energy field so accurately. It is no exaggeration to say that it understand me better than myself.👍

The report gives an insight about your emotional and psychological wellbeing. Being aware of your emotional tendencies is the start of mastering yourself towards success in all fields … relationships, leadership, marriage, financial etc. It takes just 90 seconds to do the vocal assessment. No questionnaires needed to be answered. Your voice is testimony of your least understood self. Don’t miss this opportunity to know yourself better through Aquera technology.

After the basic report. I was very surprised at the content of the report. Because this report can read deep into my heart。It doesn’t just show me who I know, it shows me who I don’t know. And I know what my emotions are all about. Are the emotions I often have positive or negative for me? And what kind of illness do these emotions cause me to have . And thanks to this audio, I have a treatment plan. Help my physical illness to improve. Thanks to this high-tech, it’s a really good treatment.

Amazing! One of a kind tool on earth for human to understand human! The frequency therapy is exceptionally good that you have to try it yourselves, things become clearer n clearer, mind becomes lighter n lighter. Strongly recommended to all human!

I have used various methods to improve my mental health. AQUERA is definitely most enlightening, insightful and effective to understanding why I feel how I feel!!
I’m so looking forward in the journey to be a better, happier version of myself!
Thank you Evelyn Neau, Shadrach and CC for sharing and caring!!!

Aquera is a useful tool for assisting psychologist to understand client’s mental processes and behavior which is important for planning a therapy or design interventions that can help the client. The reading from the mind exploration via voice through Aquera can serve as another source for mental health practitioners to triangulate the client’s psychology in order to have a more accurate diagnosis.

The emotional assessment really help me to get a better understanding of myself, especially the identified subconscious emotion impressed me.

really amazing tech. can get to “scan” all my inner personalities and unaware health condition too

Aquera is an amazing system/tools that allow you to understand a more deeper of you. Thanks to Aquera and I found the way that I should go. Keep the good job!!

Aquera team members are very patient, Thanks to them now I even more understand myself.

Nie to know ourself and help on our life. 🙂

Useful to know about yourself.

Very Helpful!!!

Im impressed with the accuracy of the report results by just recording my voice in few minutes!

after hearing the report, I got to know myself even better

Amazing system to really know yourself deep down,worth to try.

Amazing tool. Must try in life time. It will bring your emotional wellbeing up to another level.






Aquera的理念非常有愛,但合作的夥伴更重要。非常感謝 Leo, Shadrach和CC在商討的過程中給予我們100%的耐心、信任和付出。如果你也從事心理輔導(包括兒童心理輔導),Training or Coaching,或是身心靈療愈的工作,非常建議你考慮把Aquera納入你的服務表裡。

我自从听了频率之后 感觉很好 因为睡眠品质变好 睡的好 皮肤也好转!超级棒!

当你以为很了解自己的时候 原来才发现自己的潜意识还有那么多的故事 谢谢在这里更了解以及接纳自己。学会了许多的好方法 期待下次更好的自己

听了aquera, 改善了我的睡眠品质,夜晚也比较可以睡的沉了,也没有做梦😊

Yes, 透過科技儀器探測看不見的潛意識的確挺不錯的。導師分享有給到我看見另一種生活方式。 感恩魅力人生的介紹


这个测试真的很棒 能帮助到很多人更了解自己 找到弱点